Creating Space for Heart Healing

As the New Year is upon us, there is a building anticipation of all that's possible as we assess and reassess things we look to change and reinvent about ourselves. Having taken inventory, and deciding what we want for ourselves in the form of lists and resolutions, we wait for the magical sign, the turning of the clock on New Years Eve, and viola! We somehow believe all that’s happened up until 11:59 during the prior three hundred and sixty five days, is now a wash! So we move through the New Year….. and when all the hype and excitement wears down, so too does the enthusiasm for change; while the same situations and circumstances recreate themselves in our lives.

Getting caught up in our thoughts and what we allow those thoughts to then tell us, create predicaments that loop us back to maintaining behaviors we had hoped would change. Interestingly much of what we look to change are things we ask for externally, rather than looking within to uncover what maintains the unsuccessful outcomes we repeatedly find ourselves in. It sometimes feels as though the change we want, the goals we have in mind elude us year after year. At what point do we ever fully grasp what we want and truly desire?

One of the most productive and beneficial ways to find the change sought after and experience what’s desired, is to bypass the mind with all its “ thought” and quick fix schemes, and instead concede to the heart. The heart holds every answer necessary for the change we seek. When we choose to evaluate the areas within our hearts that we have neglected, abandoned and rejected, we can readily identify those scared, scarred, and broken places where barriers to change are created and maintained. It’s those barriers that distance us from experiencing the real and lasting changes we ask for each and every year.

Creating the space necessary for healing the heart, is one of the most powerful endeavors one can choose to pursue. For the New Year, I encourage you to look beyond the “thought” of change you hold for yourself, and take time to meaningfully explore the feelings that resonate deep within your heart. Identify and determine what continually keeps you from the change desired. What interferes with your ability to either meet desired goals, or sustain long term change. Having recognized those things within yourself, begin to then create all that is needed to nurture the process of healing. Be attentive toward those needs, and furthermore compelled to address what is needed within yourself, lovingly.  

We are powerful beings with limitless potential. Unlock yours by allowing your heart to facilitate the direction of each and every dream held, so you may envelope yourself in envisioned success.

Best wishes for all you are desiring.