Observing, to the most beneficial response

What would happen if we chose to observe the sensations associated with feelings before reacting to them?  How could that change the outcome of what we engage experientially? Is it possible to observe the feelings that intensify our emotional states, our moods, before reaching them? And wouldn’t being able to do so open up possibility with respect to understanding ourselves, and the way we choose to interact with others? How would outcomes in our lives be different?


I encourage you to think about your reactions when dealing with difficulty, challenge, anger, sadness, frustration. As the sensation arises within you can you stop and observe what’s felt? It’s often the thought/label that we apply, which lead to reactions based on what we’ve identified. 


I offer the following as an example to illustrate the power we each possess in our potential toward change. Here goes…..

If you have an itch, what tells you you have an itch? Does it not start with a sensation that leads to a thought, which prompts an action to the thought “I have an itch?” What would happen if rather than responding by scratching, you let go of the thought to do so and availed yourself to the options available to you?  Did you know you had options!

Responding to the itch rather than reacting to it allows for observance. While observing the sensation experienced, you are disconnecting from acting on the thought. The thought that the only way to address what’s experienced is to scratch!

The point I make is that sensations are fleeting, as are the moods they engage. They appear, disappear, and transform like clouds, adrift in the sky. The challenge is to break the habits that envelope the reactions we too often utilize.

Recognizing the choices available to us creates the kind of understanding that frees us from self imposed bondage which then allows us to examine an experience and apply the most beneficial response that furthers us in our goal to be our best, do our best, and treat others in ways that benefit them as well.

Be well.