Listening to the voice within

One of the most precious attributes connected to the spirit within is the voice of knowing. This voice is different from what we identify as our conscious. It’s not based in right or wrong thinking, values, morals or reasoning. The voice I speak of communicates softly with intent and can only be heard in silence. It’s only when we invite it in and nurture its presence that we are able to hear the message of our hearts. This opens the pathway to understanding the unanswered questions we seek direction for.  Answers, relative to you as the questioner.

It has always been my belief that everything any one of us may ever need, can be found within. The difficulty for most, is determining how best to access the voice of knowing, the wisdom instilled in spirit. Particularly so, when life demands much of us as individuals, and takes much from us in the process.  The daily routines we find ourselves in, along with the expectations placed on us result in our own absence, as we are unable to be present for ourselves.

The key associated with living a life of balance, where everything has it place, begins when priority is given to self.  Making the time for quiet moments that allow us to touch and be touched by the gift innate in us all. The beauty of this gift is the freedom experienced over time. 

How is this freedom experienced? 

-Less dependence upon others to provide answers that can’t possibly be accurate, when it is we who are the masters of our own experience.

-Acceptance of self:  in taking the time to be present;  we receive the present our spirit has to offer us in way of a path, or direction.

-Calm and peace coming from centeredness. As we become more aware that we at the root are responsible for any change that is needed, we open the door for change to begin taking its place in our lives.

-Taking control of our own lives:  living from the spirit of wisdom, our own personal wisdom, gives us personal power. This replaces our putting what we have an ability to control in the hands of others, whom know us less than we know ourselves!

How then do we cultivate the voice within to speak, so as to create the thoughts that can guide us? You already have the answer!  Now it’s about the choice you make in being proactive enough; seeing the importance of this as priority!   It’s as simple as taking a few minutes a day to sit quietly with yourself, void of distraction. 

Get in touch with your breath. Maintain awareness of it. Close your eyes, and set your intention for personal knowledge through wisdom. Ask yourself: what is it that I wish to understand? What is it that I wish to change? What is it that I can do which will lead me to a path of change? Then sit quietly. See what comes up for you, not from your thoughts, but from the heart. That is the knowing, the spirit containing the wisdom of all that exists within you. 

As you continue to spend more time with yourself, through time the voice of wisdom, that spirit of knowing becomes clearer and so to does the understanding that opens pathways to limitless possibilities for what it is you truly desire.

Best Wishes to you. May new understanding and changed perspectives uncover the greatness already inside of you.