"An Awakened Heart," is the result of love and dedication in wanting to professionally serve others in their desire toward psychological well being. Utilizing a holistic psycho therapeutic approach, specific to individual need, the work lends toward a more whole and integrated sense of being. With a purposeful focus on self worth, and inherent value, the vision is to bring forth the best of whom we truly are, despite challenge, adversity, fear, and the emotional pain we so often identify with. My area of focus is in serving Individuals, Couples, teens and elders. Working from a transpersonal framework. my work with individuals seeks to address challenging issues ranging from codependent behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety, to physical and emotional trauma of abuse and its relationship to shock. 

Employing Strength Based Perspectives, I believe that investing in the potential of others builds upon assets that turn "deficits" into strengths. With a tender heart, skill, knowledge, and expertise it's my profound desire to facilitate the type of change that increases every opportunity to experience personal success.


My Story

My love for my profession comes from a passion, and intense desire to assist others searching for change. 


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, practicing in the Tampa Bay Area, with a Bachelors of Science in Social Work, from Marist College, and a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University, in NYC. I am a doctoral candidate with the wellness institute located in Issaquah, seattle, where I received training as an advanced Heart-centered clinical hypnotherapist. 

My cultural background and rich experience, engages both a dynamic and progressive approach in working with clients.

with a desire to support psychological wellness through heart centered healing, I am passionate about working with individuals who seek profound change and a willingness to engage in the type of transformative work I offer. 

Having worked extensively in a variety of settings as Clinical social worker for the past 20 years in collaboration with parents, caregivers and communities,  I am also an advocate, educator, and researcher currently maintaining a private practice.

I believe that true change is impacted one individual, one child, one family at a time. As a clinician, with experience as a School Social Worker, Multi Systemic Therapist, community liaison, program director, and private practitioner my goal is to support the process that enables others to reach their potentiality.

With a tender heart, skill, knowledge, and expertise, I look forward to being an instrument for the change you desire for your life.